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A Revolutionary Artist of Tibet-front.jpg
A Revolutionary Artist of Tibet
Another beautifully printed art book from the Rubin Museum including the excellent scholarship of David Jackson. "Published in conjunction with an exhibition organized and presented by the Rubin Museum of Art, New York, September 5, 2014 through February 2, 2015....David Jackson focuses on the Khyenri style, the least known among the three major painting styles of Tibet, dating from the mid-fifteenth through the seventeenth century. The painting of Khyentse Chenmo, the founder of the Khyenri style who flourished from the 1450s to the 1490s, was significant for his radical rejection of the prevailing, classic Indic (especially Nepalese-inspired) styles with formal red backgrounds, enthusiastically replacing them with the intense greens and blues of Chinese landscapes. Jackson also brings to light several of Khyentse's paintings in museums outside Tibet, including some that have been unrecognized for over a century." (Source)

The Six Lamps-front.jpg
The Six Lamps
Jean-Luc Achard presents here one of the central texts of the Zhangzhung Nyengyü, Instructions on the Six Lamps (sgron ma drug gi gdams pa) in it's complete form, a set of instructions on Thögal as it is practiced in the Bön tradition. For someone versed in these teachings from the perspective of Nyingma Buddhism, the text presented here will seem almost entirely familiar (save for some term substitutions, g.yung drung for rdo rje, bon for chos, or again some enumerations varying from the Nyingma presentation), making the questions about the origins of Dzogchen put forth by the same author in earlier works such as L'Essence Perlée du Secret (Which came first, Bön or Nyingma? Is there an earlier source that seeded both traditions?) that much more relevant. Whether to the interest of advanced practitioners or dzogchen aficionados, this work adds to the corpus of translated instructions by providing an extensive, thorough, complete account of oral instructions on Thögal that are still hard to come by, certainly when it comes to Bön Dzogchen, and especially as presented by such an established and knowledgable scholar.

Grains of Gold-front.jpg
Grains of Gold
In 1941, philosopher and poet Gendun Chopel (1903–51) sent a large manuscript by ship, train, and yak across mountains and deserts to his homeland in the northeastern corner of Tibet. He would follow it five years later, returning to his native land after twelve years in India and Sri Lanka. But he did not receive the welcome he imagined: he was arrested by the government of the regent of the young Dalai Lama on trumped-up charges of treason. He emerged from prison three years later a broken man and died soon after.

Gendun Chopel was a prolific writer during his short life. Yet he considered that manuscript, which he titled Grains of Gold, to be his life’s work, one to delight his compatriots with tales of an ancient Indian and Tibetan past, while alerting them to the wonders and dangers of the strikingly modern land abutting Tibet’s southern border, the British colony of India. Now available for the first time in English, Grains of Gold is a unique compendium of South Asian and Tibetan culture that combines travelogue, drawings, history, and ethnography. Gendun Chopel describes the world he discovered in South Asia, from the ruins of the sacred sites of Buddhism to the Sanskrit classics he learned to read in the original. He is also sharply, often humorously critical of the Tibetan love of the fantastic, bursting one myth after another and finding fault with the accounts of earlier Tibetan pilgrims. Exploring a wide range of cultures and religions central to the history of the region, Gendun Chopel is eager to describe all the new knowledge he gathered in his travels to his Buddhist audience in Tibet.

At once the account of the experiences of a tragic figure in Tibetan history and the work of an extraordinary scholar, Grains of Gold is an accessible, compelling work animated by a sense of discovery of both a distant past and a strange present. (Source:

Strange Tales of an Oriental Idol-front.jpg
Strange Tales of an Oriental Idol
A collection of dozens of excerpts from early western sources referencing Buddha Śākyamuni, spanning over 1,500 years, from the work of St. Clement of Alexandria (d. 215 CE) to Eugène Burnouf's influential Introduction à l'histoire du Buddhisme indien (1844). Passages are presented with minimal commentary from the author, who gives a little historical and biographical background for each.

This is a work of monumental scholarship on the part of Donal Lopez, who has drawn from a diverse range of sources to compile a roughly chronological depiction of the emergence of the western picture of the buddha, which he explains is not a "relentless linear march of scholarly progress" or an image slowly coming into focus, but "a sheer bulk of verbiage about the Buddha, which clearly increases with the passage of time." Here are accounts of travelers, usually Christian missionaries or clergy members among "idolators", merchants or compilers, and sedentary scholars. Early works, with a few sympathetic exceptions, tend to describe misguided idolators and primitive devil worshippers, while Lopez ultimately traces the later emergence in western consciousness of a single "historical buddha", a western invention that has remained largely unchanged since the 19th century.

Books from 2017

New Book Additions

Choosing Compassion-front.jpg

Thubten, Anam. Shambhala Publications, 2019.

Buddha Nature and Animality-front.jpg

Hershock, P., Davis, B., Jones, David, Wirth, J., Forsthoefel, T., Grissom, H., Pynn, T., Schroeder, B., Miller, K., Manlowe, J.. Jain Publishing Company, 2007.

Art of Life-front.jpg

Mishra, J.S.. Rupa & Co., 2013. Contains a translation.

Asaṅga, Gyamtso, Khenpo Tsultrim, Maitreya, 'jam mgon kong sprul. , 2007. Contains a translation.

Researches in Indian History, Archaeology, Art and Religion Vol. 2-front.jpg

Sobti, H., Barua, D., Sinha, R., Sharma, J., Jash, P., Jha, M., Chandra, L., Maitrīpa, Dubey, D.P., Taba, H., Srivastava, V.C., Madhava, K.G., Jain, R., Chung, T., Ichiimura, S., Singh, L.P., Mittal, K., Jaiswal, O.P., Atrawal, K., Weerasinghe, S.G.M., Gnanarama, P., Yadava, R.P., Murthy, K., Mishra, P., Bandyopadhyay, A.K., Singh, Sanghasen, Shukla, M.S., Saibaba, V.V.S., Sarma, I.K., Sarkar, K., Mullick, C.C., Agrawala, P.K., Sirivastava, K., Sinha, A., Alasiar, J., Sharan, M., Chattopadhyay, B., Kurup, K.K.N., Sharma, Rakesh, Bakshi, S.R.. Sundeep Prakashan, 1990.

Researches in Indian History, Archaeology, Art and Religion Vol. 1-front.jpg

Balambal, V., Singh, M., Kumudamani, K., Mishra, Y., Biswas, T.K., Tripathi, A., Thakur, V., Bandyopadhyay, B., Sarkar, H.B., Ghosh, N.C., Jha, V.D., Singh, Ranjit, Handa, D., Nagarch, B.L., Sadasivan, K., Joshi, S.K., Mishra, P.K., Theophil, S., Bajpai, K.D., Joshi, M., Sen, J., Singh, Y.B., Thera, P., Aquique, M., Agrawal, C.M., Sohoni, S.V., Chaudhuri, K., Desayar, M., Chandrasekaran, A., Reddy, P., Mishra, S., Dubey, D.P., Nair, T.P., Yadava, A., Arora, U.P., Maity, S.K., Prasad, N., Agrawal, V.R.. Sundeep Prakashan, 1990.

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New Tibetan Publications

dwags brgyud sgrub pa'i them skas gdams ngag phyogs bsgrigs, phyag chen gyi gdams pa gces btus, dwags brgyud sgrub pa'i them skas gdams ngag phyogs bsgrigs, rig pa'i rdo ...

dwags brgyud sgrub pa'i them skas gdams ngag phyogs bsgrigs, nA ro chos drug gi zin khrid gces btus dwags brgyud sgrub pa'i them skas gdams ngag phyogs bsgrigs, rig pa'i ...

Rtsa she'i 'grel ba 'thad pa'i rgyan - Vol. 2-front.jpg

'jam mgon kong sprul blo gros mtha' yas , rta she'i 'grel ba 'thad pa'i rgyan smad chablo gros mtha' yas pa'i mdzod , rig pa'i rdo rje dpe skrun khang འཇམ་མགོན་ཀོང་སྤྲུལ་...

Klong chen pa ཀློང་ཆེན་རབ་འབྱམས་. snying thig ya bzhi - Vol. 4 bi ma snying thig w~M སྙིང་ཐིག་ཡ་བཞི་དེབ་བཞི་པ། བི་མ་སྙིང་ཐིག ཝྃ༽. Kathmandu: Shechen Publications ཞེ་ཆེན་...

Klong chen pa ཀློང་ཆེན་རབ་འབྱམས་. snying thig ya bzhi - Vol. 7 mkha' 'gro yang tig o~M སྙིང་ཐིག་ཡ་བཞི་དེབ་བདུན་པ། མཁའ་འགྲོ་ཡང་ཏིག ཨོྃ༽ Kathmandu: Shechen Publications ཞེ...

Klong chen pa ཀློང་ཆེན་རབ་འབྱམས་. snying thig ya bzhi སྙིང་ཐིག་ཡ་བཞི་. Kathmandu: Shechen Publications ཞེ་ཆེན་དཔེ་མཛོད་ཁང་, 2019.

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New Dissertations

Khosla, Usha. "Study of the Tathāgatagarbha as True Self and the True Selves of the Brahmanic, Sāṅkhya and Jaina Traditions." PhD diss., University of Toronto, 2015.

Chih-Mien Adrian Tseng. "Buddha-Nature and Dao-Nature of Medieval China: A Comparison of the Concepts of Buddha-Nature and Dao-Nature of Medieval China." PhD diss., McMaster University, 2014.

Denis, Diane, Le Dharmadharmatāvibhāga, texte bouddhique de l’Inde du IV siècle, traduction des stances et du commentaire de Mipham, suivie d’un examen minutieux. Quebec: Universite Laval, 2013.

Cotter, Martina N. Mipham on the Dependent Nature: The Three Natures through the Lens of Purity and Delusion. MA thesis, Kathmandu University, 2017.

Harris, Stephen. Demandingness, Self-Interest and Benevolence in Śāntideva's Introduction to the Practice of Awakening (Bodhicaryāvatāra). PhD diss., University of New Mexico, 2014.

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